Well positioned

IDEE’s lean and decentralised structure is a key success factor.
IDEE offers its members numerous opportunities to actively contribute towards joint success.

General Assembly

11 members

Board of Directors


Henk Oude Brunink, Chairman (ES Elektro)
Giuseppe Sardi (FINDEA)
Xavier Joly (Partelec)
Dr. Klaus Schmidt (DEHA)



Heinrich Thye, Managing Director
Hannah Curtis, International Product Category Manager
Anna Konopasek, International Product Category Manager




Supplier Steering Committee (SSC)

Giuseppe Sardi (FINDEA)

Dr. Klaus Schmidt (DEHA)

Vesa Vuopio (Onninen)

Operative Purchasing Team (OPT)

Lee Martin (AWEBB)

Andreas Hellinger (DEHA)

Maurice Marchee (ES Elektro)

Leonida Cataldino (FINDEA)

Radek Nastic (Jakub)

Kristian Andersen (LM) 

Nuno Goncalves (NOREL)

Wiktor Kepinski (Onninen

Luciano Radice (Otto Fischer)

Xavier Joly (Partelec)

Members and member companies

11 members, 21 countries, 137 companies, 840 outlets

Key customer groups

Installers, Industry, Key-Accounts