Industrial engineering


  • Switch cabinets
  • Industrial controllers, SPS
  • Circuitry and security technology
  • Command and signal units
  • Industrial communication
  • Sensor systems
  • Drive engineering
  • Industrial cables and leads
  • Industrial connectors, connection methods
  • Electricity supply, USV
  • Explosion-proof materials
  • Supplier network, branch network, MRO


  • Sales consultants on the phone and in fieldwork
  • Technical advice, support und programming
  • Training and workshops
  • Project partner for one-stop complete solutions
  • Procurement organisation – e.g. via marketplaces,
    shop or scanner solutions, e-procurement systems,
    electronic catalogues, BMEcat catalogue)
  • Electronic data, formats and interfaces for the
    customer’s EDP connection
  • Electronic connections from ordering to invoicing for customers and suppliers
  • EDIFACT interfaces
  • Integration of customer item numbers
  • Differentiated invoicing – e.g. separate billing,
    collective billing, project-based billing, differentiation
    according to accounts/site, etc.
  • Process controlling: reporting on item and supplier data
  • Delivery service (24-hour or 48-hour)
  • Stock type matched to customer demand
  • Kitting: supply of fully commissioned product packages
  • Kanban: direct supply to point of consumption
  • VMI service
  • Trade fairs, taxes, regulations